menu and directory file structure (again)

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menu and directory file structure (again)

Post by biographie » Tue Jul 29, 2003 11:15 pm

I must be the dumbest person trying to use this menu. I just can't get it working with the files in different locations. FYI - I have not posted any of my pages to my website, I have strictly been trying to preview them on my local machine. I am using GoLive 6. When I test out Andy's examples in a signal directory they work without any problems. But I can't figure out what everyone else is doing to make the menu work when you move files around. I will try to explain my exact layout:

Top level, one file, three directories: index.html, (dir) jscripts, (dir) general, (dir) images

Under the jscripts directory I have two directories and a handful of other scripts: rclick.js, resolution.js,..., (dir) menu, (dir)gallery

All the menu scripts (milonic_src.js, mmenudom.js, menuns4.js, table_data.js) I have placed in the menu directory with the menu's images directory as well: /jscripts/menu/

In milonic_src.js I have changed the path to reflect the following: "/jscripts/menu/"

In my index.html the code looks as such:
<SCRIPT language=JavaScript src="/jscripts/menu/milonic_src.js" type=text/javascript></SCRIPT>
<SCRIPT language=JavaScript src="/jscripts/menu/table_data.js" type=text/javascript></SCRIPT>

I also have a few pages in the general directory that I want to link to the exact same table_data.js file. I have placed the same code in these pages that appears in the index.html page (even though I would think I need the ../ to get to the menu scripts correctly). I have been told that I can use one _data.js file for all my pages, and I don't have to worry about links using this method, is this true? Do I call out all the url links assuming I am at the top level, or do I make them relative to where the _data.js is located? What exactly does 'server side addressing' mean?

It would seem to me I have two questions: 1 - how to structure the src file path to the menu scripts from the html page calling it, and 2 - within the _data.js file how to structure the file/url paths based on a top level or relative path approach. (Is this making sense?)

From everything I have been told and read, this should work, but nothing happens. It is driving me crazy, I have no clue where to start. I was able to get version 3.x of Andy's menu up in running within an hour of looking at the code. But for some reason, this version 5 is causing me some serious pains.

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