We have a new moderator...

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We have a new moderator...

Postby John » Fri Nov 21, 2003 7:29 am

For those of you who have been around for a while the 'handle' of kevin3442 should be well known. Come to think about it, even if you haven't been around for a while. :D Kevin will tackle anything out there, and spends as much time as necessary giving very detailed answers until the problem is solved. We very much appreciate all the time he puts in here, in spite of a busy work schedule that frequently puts him on the road.

So, with a bit of long distance arm-twisting (yes, he's on the road again), I was able to convince Kevin to accept a Team Member icon. We are very pleased to have him "on board".

Dave and I have been swamped (plus Dave is fighting finals at the monent, and I have two jobs that usually keep me busy 6-7 days a week), and Andy has so much stuff on his plate we can't even keep track any more (not to mention, of course, getting the menu to final release).

As a reminder, Dave, Kevin, and I are not employed by Milonic in any way. We are users just as you folks are, and we do this because we like it (although granted we sometimes wonder why!). When we express an opinion it's a personal opinion, and not that of Milonic (as I think we usually state). We do the best we can to answer your questions as quickly and completely as possible. Sometimes we miss a beat, but we do try.

We would also like to thank those 'regulars' who contribute so much to the Forum. You know who you are. Your time and efforts (and answers!) are most appreciated.

Welcome, Kevin - now get busy... :!:

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