Hosted by Ruth, this section is for those brand new to the menu. We won't teach you HTML, but we will help get your menu experience off to a good start.
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Postby Ruth » Thu Jun 03, 2004 9:36 am

You can use borders to put a distinctive design on your menu. This section will tell you where the border properties are declared and how to use them. A couple of things need to be noted: many things can affect how your borders look, including the padding you set, the image padding you set if you have an image in your menu, and the margins you set. There is an example using both on/offclass to define a particular look with a subimage declared to show you what can happen if you aren't careful. One of the most important things to do once you have defined your borders is to check the page in a number of browsers. Not all browsers render items the same way.

In making this 'demo' I used a different data file for each menu. You can download each file, or get each from your temporary internet files or 'save' the page which should save all the data files. They are named border_style1.js, border_style2.js and so on through border_style14.js. If, after using the examples or making your own, you have any problems, post a question in the help forum.

I tested the page in Netscape 6, 7.1, Opera 6, 7.11, Firebird .07 and IE5.5



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