Asking for help

Hosted by Ruth, this section is for those brand new to the menu. We won't teach you HTML, but we will help get your menu experience off to a good start.
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Asking for help

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To post for help you will need to use the Help and Support For Version 5forum. In order to give you the quickest possible help you need to include the following:
  • 1. PLEASE put up a test page which shows the problem if that is at all possible and provide a link to that test page.
    2. fully describe the problem
    3. tell us the operating system and browser where the problem occurs
    4. if your menu contains images either place them in a zip file or someplace we can easily get them all. If nothing else, put them all on a page and upload the page, we can right click and save as.... If you have an all image menu then we would have to try to get each image based on the url. That's a lot of copy the url, paste it, go to it save the image!
    5. if you can't provide a test page which is the best solution, you need to post
    • a. all your html page code
      b. any css code that is on the page
      c. the code in your menu_data.js file
      d. the version number of the menu
Use the buttons above when posting. If you are posting code, use the code button. Click it, post the code and then click it again. The same applies to urls.

The more information you provide with the first post the better it is for those who are trying to help resolve any issues.