HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!! javascript menu error

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HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!! javascript menu error

Post by clabber » Sat Oct 05, 2002 2:03 am

i'm getting this javascript error when viewing my page

"Line 498 Character 127
object required...."

this is line 498 of the mmenu.js file

function mOL(){if(!ns61&&ns6||ns6hif){Minit()}MLoaded=1;if(Oload)Oload();if(loadWait||opera){for(x=0;x<parr.length;x++){fixb("menu"+parr[x]);popup(parr[x])}}sis();MScan();if(!opera)MLoaded++;}

character 127 is where the word menu starts


"Line 51 Character 1
'center' is undefined"

this is line 51 from the menu_array.js file

"Mainmenu", // Menu Name - This is needed in order for this menu to be called[/quote]

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