Vertical Menu in Opera 7 for Windows Final

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Vertical Menu in Opera 7 for Windows Final

Post by slowhandz » Sat Feb 01, 2003 4:48 pm


I just downloaded Opera 7 for Windows Final
which was released on Jan 28, 2003.

I've noticed that when the Milonic Menu is set up as Vertical layout,
there now seems to be an issue with spacing (or padding?),
specifically down the RIGHT SIDE of the menu, following
each menu item title.

(NOTE: Using DHTML Menu - Version 3.5.11 - December 16, 2002)

For example, titles of menu items in the main menu
which fit fine in Opera 6.03:

1) Multiple word menu titles now wrap to a new line.

2) Single word titles now barely fit, but the arrow image used to
indicate a sub-menu overlaps the title on the right side.

I should note that:
1) When using 2 words or more in titles, that I am using a
non-breaking space character ( ) between each word.

2) Each of my titles is immediately followed by a quote.
I do NOT have ANY spaces or anything else following each word:
For example, in my menu_array.js file:

Code: Select all

3) No changes were made to anything in my menu files...
The only thing different is viewing the menu in Opera 7.

Has anyone else noticed this?

This is only occurring in Opera 7 FINAL...

The only fix for now seems to be increasing the "Menu Width"
setting in the "menu_array.js" file.



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