browser make a difference

Please note that official support for this menu version has now ceased. There are still plenty of users, though, and the forum is still running. Some of our long-time users may be able to help you out.
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browser make a difference

Post by insular »

1. When i set values everythink is
ok but only in IE ! when i use firefox
all settings of menu are different !
i could not fixed to see it with the same
settingd and view in IE and firefox or
Opera ! :(

2. How could i also center it in a midlle position ?
when i put by div tables in a center ; menu still stay
somewhere else :x

thank you very much for eny advice.

with best regards
Dutka Radosław

my page is
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Post by Ruth »

Hi Dutka,

You are using version 3 of the menu. That version is no longer supported and most of us don't know much about that version. You need to upgrade to version 5. It's very easy to do and there is a converter so you can convert your menu_array.js file right on line.

To upgrade, go to the main site, log-in and click on the download button to download version 5 in a zip file to your computer. While you are logged in, go to the DHTML Menu link on the main menu, look down toward the bottom and you'll see Version 3 to 5 converter. Click that and then click browse and find your menu_array.js file on your computer and click the Convert Your VErsion 3 button. It will convert the file for you and you can save it to your computer.

Once it is converted, there are only 2 things that need to be fixed. In the file you'll see aI strings like this

Code: Select all

aI("text=Krzesła   ;showmenu=krzesla;;separatorsize=1")
remove the separatorsize=1 and the ; right in front of it from all the aI strings, there should only be one ; there. Then add a ; after the ") so it is like this ");
Then in the top of that file you'll see a section that has offbgcolor= and offcolor= right after the borderwidth=1; put this

Code: Select all

Then cut out the top where it has all the stuff about if IE and effect, the file should begin with _menuCloseDelay=500; If you want to keep the effect then add this right after headerbgcolor="#000099";

Code: Select all

overfilter=Fade(duration=0.2);Alpha(style=0,opacity=88);Shadow(color='#777777', Direction=135, Strength=5)"
There are directions with the files on how to code them, and how to call them on the page. There is also a Beginner's User Manual on line here and a Beginner's Guide forum, very simple directions

There is also an interactive demo for the Internet Explorer Filters and Transitions that were the 'effect' in version 3. It let's you try out different filters and transitions on the menu. You need internet explorer to see these.

Hope that helps. You should really upgrade, the new menu is designed for all the new things being developed on the web and works well across browsers.

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