Resizing first level of menu

Please note that official support for this menu version has now ceased. There are still plenty of users, though, and the forum is still running. Some of our long-time users may be able to help you out.
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Resizing first level of menu

Post by zerohyper »

Hi guys...

First off, I've been able to design the website for several years... on and off for personal use. So, recently I got engaged and my fiancee is a photographer and I thought it would be nice to design a website again for her photography business. We really havent grow our business much yet. Its hard to start a business when you dont have a lot of money haha... some day I hope we'll success! If we do.. I'd donate money for the use of this script to Milonic!

Ok enough about me.....Here's the problem...

Ok.. lets start this one....

you guys should check this out

It looks nice doesnt it? However.......

Check out...

two problem in there... you can see the right side.. it has bump right there and other problem is that the menu has shrank....and it doesnt look like /menu/test.html where I create my menu in there and funny thing..... there's only 3 files which contains test.html, mmenu.js, and menu_array.js and it looks PERFECT but if I transfer those files to /travis/...without changing the codes.. and it looks different... as i said it goes all the way wide.

So I tried to put those files in my project folder which is and it messes up the width size of first level, and I havent changed the codes...only path file to access mmenu.js and menu_array.js that's it.. its kinda weird though... has css layout.. its very simple and i only put this script:

Code: Select all

<SCRIPT language=JavaScript>
Milonic DHTML Website Navigation Menu
Written by Andy Woolley, e-mail
Copyright 2002 (c) Milonic Solutions Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
You may use this menu on your web site free of charge as long as you 
place a link to and copyright notices remain in place.
Commercial support contracts are available on request if you cannot comply with the above rules.		
// Courtesy of -
<SCRIPT language=JavaScript src="menu/menu_array.js" type=text/javascript></SCRIPT>
<SCRIPT language=JavaScript src="menu/mmenu.js" type=text/javascript></SCRIPT>

into template page. You can see the path file to js files. Like i said.. i havent changed the codes.

If you really want to look into this and you can download only 3 files which is test.html, mmenu.js and menu_array.js and you can get those files at

And also I just dont understand why first level doesnt have something like this script like first level.. but sub level have this...

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         ,,125,1,,style1,0,"left","fade(duration=0.5);Shadow(color='#999999', Direction=135, Strength=5)",0,,,,,,,,,,,
You can see "125" in that line and it resize the dropdown menu and first level only have this...

Code: Select all

,"About Us&nbsp;&nbsp;","show-menu=aboutus",,"",1
That's it... I believe that first level should have resizeable.. and I cant figure it out... hope you guys can do it!

Sorry for long message!

Thank you!!!

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Re: Resizing first level of menu

Post by Ruth »


I'm sorry but we can't help with this since it is the version 3. That menu is years out of date and most of us have no idea about using it. It hasn't been supported in at least 4 years and I don't remember things about it now. However, you could download the new version 5 to use on your site which is personal only, and it would give you some idea about it for use on the business site. The business site would require you to purchase a license, your personal site you could get a free license as long as that site does not make any money through any agency of any kind. They are not too expensive, a purchase of professional level will give you full support for 1 year and upgrades for 1 year and even if you decided not to renew the support license after the 1st year, you get to keep and use the last version you downloaded forever on the site for which it is licensed.

Also, you do not have to rewrite your menu_array file if you get the new version. There is a converter tool on the website so you can convert all the info from that to the new version. Let me know if you are interested in this as I have already converter your file and it doesn't have that issue anymore. If you decide to do that and need any help, you get email support with the license, but you are always welcome to post here and we do what we can.

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