Android FFox & Chrome - centred menu moves left on zooming

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Android FFox & Chrome - centred menu moves left on zooming

Postby decomplexity » Mon Sep 01, 2014 4:21 pm

Just upgraded some of my sites to 5.948 from 5.8 to get smartphone/tablet functionality. mmenudom and milonic_src were refreshed but nothing else was touched.
The menu is a simple horizontal ‘Menu Positioning with Offsets’ centred and at the top of the page.

Works fine under Win 7 with IE 11, Firefox 31 and Chrome 36.0.

But on Android phones (Nexus 5 and Galaxy 11) and tablets (Nexus 7) with Chrome 36 or Firefox 31 the menu is initially displayed correctly; but if the screen is zoomed in, the menu drifts left (a small zoom gives a small drift; zoom further and it is almost left-justified). See e.g.

However, my other sites running 5.922 and 5.923 do not exhibit this problem, neither did the 5.8 versions before upgrading

Any suggestions pls? Anyone else seen this?

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