Error: Object Required

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Error: Object Required

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Ok, I've seen this error (Error: Object Required) reported many times in these forums, but I have yet to see it answered.

Here's my problem:

I downloaded the European Map Sample ( ... ampleid=10) from the milonic site, In hopes of using a similar one on a site I'm developing.

I loaded it on my machine and it works fine, until... I delete all but one of the menus for the cities. I'm careful to delete all references in the HTML to these menus, and I don't delete the Style, SubMenus or anything else. Just one menu, and one reference to that menu. It stops working and gives the error code:

Line: 50
Char: 433
Error: Object Required

If I keep all the other menus, and only the one reference, it works fine.

Now, starting over, if I delete (or rename) all but five of the menus, it continues to work. I can delete any menus (it doesn't matter which) and as long as five are left it works. Less than five, and it won't work.

What is the problem Any ideas? I woudn't care, but renaming them also causes teh same problems. I could leave around five dummy menus, but that seems like a dumb workaround. I want to fix this. Please help, or offer any suggestions.

Sorry for the length of this post.

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Do you have a URL that we could look at so as you try and isolate the problem? It would greatly improve your chances of solving this problem. If you dont have a URL, at least get your code so that you change that ONE thing that makes it go screwy, and then paste that code into a post here on the forum, with code tags around it.

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