Down Arrow Call Vs File Name

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Down Arrow Call Vs File Name

Post by gardenguy »

I mentioned on another post something which seems still wrong at RC3:
In vertical_data.js there is the following:
topbarimage = "images/arrow_down.gif";
In the distribution there is no such file. There is a
Something needs to be changed I would think?
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Post by Hergio »

I am sure its just a small oversight. :oops: Andy has so many samples, versions, demos, etc out there, I would image it gets kinda hard to keep everything straight. 8O And on top of that hes got a new menu, new documentation, and a new website on the verge of release.

Way to keep a sharp eye out for such things. Thanks for mentioning it for those who are curious as to why red X's appear on their menus for no reason. ;)
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