adressing in menu_data.js

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noel dubau
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adressing in menu_data.js

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I'm sorry to ask you for a question you have certainly give an answer ; I've seen the contributions after a search on relative, addressing ... I can't get a good result ; let me explain the situation ;
I work in a local way on my computer ; in the principal directory of my site -let us call it A - are other directories B, C...
At the root of the directory A are put all the .js files and particularely the menu_data.js ; here are also main pages of my site suppose P1, P2, P3...
In the directory B are the pages PB1, PB2, PB3
In the directory C are the pages PC1, PC2, PC3

In the menu_data.js you can find the following lines
aI("text=Accueil;url=P1.htm;status=Retour en page d'accueil;");
aI("text=Who am I;ur=P2.htm;status=The author;");

The two first lines work fine ; the third one goes to the menu I wrote as following :
with(milonic=new menuname("Realisations")){
aI("text=Gestion d'école;url=/B/PB1.htm;status=Gérer une école");
aI("text=Gestion de B.C.D;url=/B/PB2.htm;status=Gestion de bibliothèque;");
aI("text=Gestion d'Emala;url=/C/PC1.htm;status=Gestion d'Emala");
and some other lines

Going to the PB1, PB2, PC1 ... is possible, but comming back gives me blank page ...

My question is :
- how must I write je menus_dat.js to obtain the correct result
- when I'll upload my site to my provider, must I replace all my url by ?

Is there a french talking user who accepts to help me on private mail (

Thanks for your help
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Post by fredlongworthhighschool »

I use the same kind of directory structure, and I just use the following to back to my home page:

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aI("text=Main Page;url=default.htm;");
but i use IFRAMEs.
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