Menu and HTML "streaming"

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Menu and HTML "streaming"

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I have purchased and installed yet another Milonic menu (yep, it's a good product) here still in the beta site:
and it seems to be running OK - however, one page with an embedded AVI object pushes the menu literally over the edge: ... eaming.asp

It calms down after a couple of mouse hovers, but..........

Do you have any idea??

You will find all pertinent JS files inside /assets, e.g., ... nu_data.js


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Post by John »

Hey Gil -

Not sure what you mean by 'over the edge'. I brought the page up in both IE6 and FF1.0.7. In both cases it came up rock solid under the camera right off the bat and responded as expected.

FF did throw an error, however...

Windows Media Player Plug-in DLL
The plugin performed an illegal operation. You are strongly advised to restart Navigator.

Whatever the heck all that is...

Edit: Didn't know this had posted. After I hit Submit FF locked up, and now I can't get it to restart. Damn Windoze...
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