the script tries to load /blank.html -> SSL warnings on I

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the script tries to load /blank.html -> SSL warnings on I

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I have a paid license, but I can't find where to submit a trouble ticket on your site.... I understand you want to force people to check forums and faqs, but professional support, when paid for, should be easy to find!

Anyway, I tested with milonic 5.7.32 (latest version), searched in faq and forum.

client OS: win xp sp2 - fresh installed on vmware - no settings changed in IE. Browser: IE 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp.050301-1521

If I access a page with the menu, and do so via SSL, I get a popup alert window from IE, saying that the 'page is trying to load unsecure content - do you want to continue?' (or something like that). I was puzzled by this, as I am sure my page did not refer to any absolute URLs, all relative, so everything should be loaded via SSL.

BUT- monitoring the Apache access log, I noticed that IE is trying to access a page: /blank.html

This page obviously does not exist on the server (no one told me to put it! and then it has to be exactly on the web root folder!). So Apache returns a 404 HTTP response. When IE gets this response, it suspects that something is bad, and pops up the alert.

This page (/blank.html) is not referenced by my page, but by mmenudom.js (I found the string in the js file).

If I put a file called blank.html in / , then the warnings stop.

Other people have confirmed this behaviour on their IE.

Why does mmenudom.js have to reference such page? Can't it be located in a URL relative to the current URL, rather than at an absolute URL?

Note 2: if testing on a local intranet, IE will not display these warnings, as this zone does not have the 'Display mixed content: Prompt' settings in the Security options. But it happens if you access an Internet site. You can test this locally by customizing the local intranet zone to set this option.
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support is available at

This info is inside the confirmation emails that would have been sent to you at the time of purchase. Milonic tech support is guaranteed response and is normally responded to within 24 hours.

The reason for blank.html being required is due to the fact that Internet Explorer see about:blank as insecure. This is used inside the menu for IFRAME masking. Microsoft have confired that the use of blank.html is required and is considered safe.
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