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Header submenu

Post by dilbert »

I am playing with a new menu.

I have a header in the submenu, this is really terrific stuff you guys have here.
I found a way to get the header row to have an image, I'd also like for the header font to be bold.
I can only find header color. Is there a headerweight equivalent? I tried that and it didn't have an effect.

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Re: Header submenu

Post by Ruth »

I see you've been looking at the properies. OK, I'm going to be a bit long winded here:

There are different 'classes' I guess you'd call them of properties: Style properties, menu properties and item properties. If you 'compare' them you'll find that some can belong to more than one 'class' Usually these are style and item properties though a few can be all three. What this does is allow you to set a property in the style section and it will apply to all items in any menu that uses that style, but if the property is also an item property this allows you to override the style property for an item by setting a different one in the item.

So, to get a bold font in the header items, you would set fontweight=bold; in the item. Note that in the style section it would be fontweight="bold"; but in the item there are no quotes. If you do not specify fontweight in the style section, the default is non bold.

As to the bgimage for a header, though what you have seems to be working, I haven't seen it done like that and don't know if it will continue to work if something gets change with regard to css in the menu programming, or if it will work in all browsers. You can instead set a bgimage for the header item by just including it in that item, bgimage=yourImage; The image will repeat, both x and y, but I have, over time, learned to make the images higher. By doing that, unless someone sets font sizes to 1000% or something it will not repeat y but only x. For example, I usually remake all my bgimage height as 100px. I color the 2x100px image the lightest color and then copy paste the existing image to the top of it. This allows for the item to always look the same even when someone who needs to adjust fonts up to about 350%.

Now, you seem to have a problem on the page, it is not showing in any browser but Netscape, though I don't have Mac and don't know what's going on there. If you view the source of your page you'll see that the code for the menu is repeating. It is at the top in the top table, but it also seems to be in a bottom table [or your table is repeating???] However, that causes the submenus to be way off in Netscape. So, you need to get that second call out of there. You can put two menus, or multiple menus on a page, but you wouldn't name the 'main menu' the same and you wouldn't repeat the call for the actual program files, i.e milonic_src, and mmenudom.

Hope this helps. Sorry for being so long :)

By the way, you can do so much with this menu it is incredible. I experiment all the time, not that I would want to use some of the things, but for example, I have one menu that has an iframe in the submenu, another that plays the swf file 'combo #5. But usually my experimenting is with design things. Also, for info there is a demos section that has different things that were created here on the forum for users who wanted something. You can see those here, some are neat, like rollover change text on mouseover mouse out. http://support.milonic.com/demos/

Since they are linked to the existing menu version, if they no longer work, they just don't work, they are not Milonic creations and unless you know js and can jigger them there's nothing to be done.

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