Placing a form in a menu item

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Placing a form in a menu item

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The examples below are forms in its own submenu menu item.

The first is a search box 8O

Code: Select all

with(milonic=new menuname("search")){
aI("text=<form method=get action=/search/search.php><label for=q><input type=text name=q id=q size=20/></label><input type=submit value=Search /></form>;type=form;offbgcolor=#FFFCF3;");

Keepalive tells it to stay open, or you may want it permenantly visible like on a main manu using:


The form is straight forward html using:
text=< >;
Notice I didn't use any quotes at all in the html, this was to prevent obscure browser problems.

Followed by:

Then I added a background color, any style can be added or under its own:

This form is my rating system with graphics, its just to show you another kind of form.


Code: Select all

with(milonic=new menuname("rate")){
aI("text=<form method=post action=/rate/rate.php><label for=outstanding><img src=/images/star4.gif /><input type=radio value=outstanding id=outstanding name=rate tabindex=1 /></label><br /><label for=excellent><img src=/images/star3.gif /><input type=radio value=excellent name=rate id=excellent tabindex=2 /></label><br /><label for=good><img src=/images/star2.gif /><input type=radio value=good name=rate id=good tabindex=3 /></label><br /><label for=poor><img src=/images/star1.gif /><input type=radio value=poor name=rate id=poor tabindex=4 /></label><br /><input type=submit name=submit value=Rate tabindex=5 /></form>;type=form;align=right;");

This is a shorter version of my forms.
To see how I have these working on my site, click the www link.