Menu Updates

Hosted by Ruth, this section is for those brand new to the menu. We won't teach you HTML, but we will help get your menu experience off to a good start.
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Menu Updates

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Anyone experienced in development on the web will know that its in a constant state of flux.
Browsers and software are updated regularly for better performance.

This is the download link with the latest Milonic Menu Update:

To receive an email notification when a new update is made available
Go to this link and click on Watch this topic for replies.

To update your menu, select these 3 files from the download:
upload these to your site replacing the old files.

Milonic is always trying to improve and stay ahead of changes for the menu to work in as many browsers as possible. Unfortunately older browsers do drop off and make this task difficult, a less web saavy visitor might be seeing something you don't and may need a reminder to update the browser.