Purchasing Buttons

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Purchasing Buttons

Post by monk275 »

Purchasing Buttons:

When you get to the second page of the "buy now" section, at the bottom is the text input box called "Purchase Order Number:"

What is a Purchase Order Number? and how do I know what mine is? I am buying one "Professional DHTML Menu License" for these buttons. http://milonic.com/menusample54.php


(Suggestion to Milonic staff: Put one of those question marks next to this section [like the question mark ? in the "Main Website To License" text field] because I showed this to a couple of people and no one could figure it out)
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Re: Purchasing Buttons

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As you can see by the fact that there is no * next to the text field, this means it's a non-mandatory field and can be ignored.

A Purchase Order Number is your reference for the purchase. Companies prefer to buy products based on a Purchase Order and this is where you enter the reference number for the order. If you do not use Purchase Ordering you can ignore this value.

-- Andy
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