Cursor on mouseover with no link

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Cursor on mouseover with no link

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In Netscape Communicator 4.75, the main menu link that has a dropdown from it, does not show an arrow. It shows a vertical line. Is there anyway, I can get the main heading of the dropdown to show an arrow since it is not a link?

I have tried:

,"Precision Cut","show-menu=precisioncut","#",,0
,"Field Pre-Formed","show-menu=fieldpreformed","#",,0
,"45 Degree Elbows","show-menu=45","#",,0
,"90 Degree Elbows","show-menu=90","#",,0
,"Metal Mesh Blanket","show-menu=metalmeshblanket","#",,0
,"Deck Plugs","show-menu=deckplugs","#",,0

And I have tried it without the "#".

Help please.

Ms. Kitti
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