image questions

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image questions

Post by mikefailed »


I am using version 3.3.19

I am confused about a few of the images used in this script,

first, the _over images for the dropdown menus do not seem to be referenced anywhere in the menu_array file, for example, on the unaltered file, the string:

,"<img src=newsimage.gif border=0>&nbsp;Shareware & Freeware","show-menu=shareware",,,1

references the newsimage.gif, but when you roll over the menu items, it switches to the "newsimage_over.gif" image. where is the command to use the _over image?

Similarly, there is no over image for the arrowdn.gif that appears in the topbar, my colors invert when the topbar menus are selected, which makes the arrow mainly disappear, but it gets kind of an ugly pixelated border to it (probably because of the transparency). I would like to have an "arrowdn_over.gif" where I can invert the color of the arrow, but just making that file and putting it in the folder doens't work.

I anyone knows how to find and alter the _over.gif files and how to do a similar rollover type thing on the down arrows on the menu bar, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you!!!

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Post by kevin3442 »

If you get the latest release (3.5.15), you will no longer need to worry about the _over thing. That was an approach used in older releases for mouseover effects, but now you simply specify the swapimage file. If you're building a new menu/site, you might also consider going with version 5 instead of 3 (v4 was sort of skipped).

Hope that helps,

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