.NET and smartNavigation Javascript errors.

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.NET and smartNavigation Javascript errors.

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I know we are using an old version, it is 3.5.11. I am hoping someone can advise me if a workaround exists for a javascript error we are getting.

We need to turn on smartNavigation on our pages because some of them are long and when our users select a value from a control and the page does a postback, they get put at the top instead of back at the control they were working on.

When we turn smartNavigation on, right after the page postback we get a javascript error everytime that on line 40, char 433 an object is required. If smartNavigation is not on, we never get this error.

Is there any workaround?

Thank you very much for any help or advice.

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Post by Andy »


Sorry for the delay to this post.

I have just found out what the problem is with dot net .net and postback.

The way smartNavigation works is by redrawing just the form in real time thus removing any page flicker giving the user a better experience. This is done by adding certain properties to the form like __smartNavEnabled="true" and embedding the form inside an IFRAME

What many people do is embed the menu inside the form object. Then, when the postback is done the menu fails to display.

The solution is the remove the menu from the form object and then position it somewhere else so that when the postback is performed the menu does have to be reloaded and thus fixing the postback problem.

Hope this helps
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