Netscape submenu 'cell' doesn't fill submenu 'table'

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Netscape submenu 'cell' doesn't fill submenu 'table'

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I'm using 3.3.19 and experiencing a small aesthetic problem with Netscape 4.78.

The longest item in a vertical submenu doesn't have a border on the rightmost edge. All other items in that submenu have the border color filling from where their text ends over to the right edge.

It looks like the submenu cells aren't expanding to the full width of the submenu table.
...I'm not sure if I'm speaking metaphorically or literally--the submenus ARE tables, right?

I've know I can fix this by specifying a fixed width (longer than the longest item) for the submenu, but we intend to have the submenu items generated
from a database (to be easily updated/modfied); specifying a fixed width is not ideal.

Anyone know a fix for this? We've tried sticking width=100% in the mmenu.js file within the td tag and tr tag creation (line 327), but our syntax might have been a little off (netscape layers are tricky!).

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